Pips Design - ABOUT US



Pips name origin

Walter Vogëli was a Swiss visual artist known for his sculptures. Many works by the artist have been sold at auctions, including 'Dada-Tresor' sold at Christie's Zurich 'Swiss Art' in 2007. Vogeli, in English, means little bird. The sound ‘pip, pip’ of little birds’ chirps became the artist’s nickname. And so, Pips design as been chosen in honor of Walter "Pips" Vogëli.



The Company

Inspired by Walter Vogëli’s work, Moritz Gruber created Pips design, a small company located in Huntingdon, Quebec. The company combines art and interior design to create sculptured wall and decor elements. Pips design wants to give your space the visual impact it deserves, while working with an easy product. We hope you have as much fun and joy at admiring the final results as we do in creating product lines and new wall decor ideas.